6 Mistakes You Must Avoid When You Create and Publish Your EBook, Part One

It is very easy to publish an EBook these days. Gone are the times when you had to get the approval of a publishing house to get your book published. Now, anyone can publish their own book. There are many great things about being able to publish an EBook so easily, however there are some pitfalls to avoid. Here are some ways to avoid the common mistakes which many writers make when they publish an EBook.

1) Not Being a Good Writer

This is a really obvious point, but one which is sadly overlooked by many people who publish EBooks. We have all seen some truly shocking EBooks which would never have made it over the first hurdle in a publishing house. Just because you can publish a book doesn’t mean that you should. Ask yourself the fundamental question of whether your abilities as a writer are actually good enough.

We don’t mean that you have to be perfect. No one is. Even bestselling authors admit that there are things that they have written which they would rather forget about. Take the time to learn your craft. Don’t let the drive for perfection hold you back, but if writing really isn’t your thing you should rethink the whole idea.

2) Writing Something That No One Wants to Read

You may be passionate about your collection of antique candlesticks, but does anyone else want to read about it? Do your market research and find out what people actually want to buy. Check out the bestseller lists and see what sells. Do not be afraid of the competition. There are some niches which are incredibly popular and there is still room for growth.

If you see an area where a lot of books are selling, then there is probably still room in the market for another book. Look at areas where you know that people are actually spending money. Not in places where you think things should be selling, but they really aren’t. This is not the time to guess about what is selling and what isn’t. Learn how to conduct simple research on where the markets are. You will be spending your time wisely in doing some research before you take the plunge and start writing.

3) Writing About Something You Know Nothing About

It is possible to spend a great deal of time on research and write about a topic that you know nothing about., but why are you doing this. The latest hot topic may be “How to Survive a Zombie Attack” or “How to Quit Your Day Job and Make a Living Posting Cat Videos on Social Media”, but if you don’t know anything about it, it’s unlikely that you are going to create a great book about it.

Of course there are people who can write about pretty much anything, but are you one of those people? Be honest with yourself. You may find that you do have this skill, but why make things difficult in the first place? It isn’t as simple just to say write about what you are passionate about, but you do need to consider writing about something that you will enjoy. Writing about things which you don’t find interesting or inspiring is a difficult task. Do not do it unless you absolutely have to.