6 Mistakes You Must Avoid When You Create and Publish Your EBook, Part Two

4) Thinking Editing Means Running Spell Checker

Editing is an essential part of the EBook publishing process. It does not just mean pushing the spell checker button and correcting the spellings whilst you watch television. Editing is a serious business and it really needs to be done properly if you are serious about publishing EBooks. Readers are smart and they will soon call you out on reviews if your book needs proper editing. If enough people say this in reviews it can be enough to sink your book without trace.

The ideal is to have a professional editor look at your EBook. Unfortunately, this is a luxury which many can’t afford. You can ask friends and they will most likely get some of the errors. Joining writer’s groups can also help as many people will be prepared to proofread things for others in the group, providing you are willing to reciprocate.

You can also look at finding an inexpensive editor on an outsourcing site such as fiverr. This can be a great way of finding inexpensive editors.

5) Forgetting That a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If you are going to spend money anywhere on your EBook it has to be on the cover. Unless you are good at graphics you really should get a professional to design your cover. This is your only chance to make a first impression and if your cover is not eye catching and professional, it does not matter how great your content is, readers will just never buy your book.

You do not have to spend a fortune on an EBook cover. There are plenty of online services out there which will provide you will a pre-designed cover for an affordable price. This option is not as great as the custom design, but when you are publishing your first books you will not have too much money to spend. Set a budget and spend as much as you can afford on a cover. It will make all the difference.

6) Publishing Your EBook and Expecting it to Sell

If famous authors publish a book they will sell many copies just because readers liked their previous books. Authors such as J.K Rowling, Dan Brown or Jodi Picoult would still sell books without ever spending another second on marketing. We are guessing that you do not have that kind of advantage. You are going to have to do something to market your EBook. It isn’t enough to write a great book. You have to promote it.

Big publishing houses have big marketing budgets. You can’t compete with that, but you can make an impact. You are going to have to learn some marketing techniques. There is plenty of information out there about how to use the internet and social media to promote your book. You will have to be a writer and a marketer if you want to make sure that your EBook has a chance of being a success.