5 Ways Your Blog Can Benefit from You Publishing an EBook

You may know that it is now very easy to self-publish an EBook. Technology has advanced so quickly that it is very simple to publish your EBook on a variety of platforms. There are many people who make a living from this very lucrative way to make money from writing. However, did you realize that publishing an EBook is also a great thing to do if you have a blog? Here are some ways that your blog can benefit from you publishing an EBook.

1) Give Away Something for Free

This seems to have multiple good effects.  By giving something to your customers, they may feel obligated to use your services in the future.  Many blogs and websites are built upon this idea, including this one!  I worked with the best water damage repair company in Trenton, NJ to write a small EBook.  In exchange for the EBook, which is branded for NJ Disaster Restoration, customers give their email address.  NJ Disaster Restoration uses the email for a slow drip email campaign.  When you give away information, templates, an EBook, or something else, you reinforce your knowledge and experience, and most website owners do it in exchange for an email address.  We’ve seen local businesses that do this to great effect, since competitors aren’t giving away “trade” secrets, if they even have a website.  EBooks aren’t just for entertainment anymore!

2) Getting Readers to Your Blog from Different Platforms

Getting to page 1 of Google has always been difficult. Now it is almost impossible for many niches. The big players ted to dominate and it is difficult to stand out. It’s a crowded internet world out there so anything that you can do to create different ways for people to find you is a good thing.

Publishing an EBook gives you another platform. Amazon is the biggest player in the market, but there are many others too. If you publish an EBook you could reach a whole new group of people who may never have seen your blog. It’s a very simple way to expand the reach of your content without doing very much extra work. You can even curate your blog posts and publish this as an EBook. Many bloggers have used this technique very successfully. You do not have to do much additional writing, but you reach a completely different audience.

You should always make sure that there are easy ways for people to connect to your blog from your EBook. You can simply put links in the book and you will get some traffic. You can also offer more free content if readers opt in to your email list. Make sure that your readers know where they can find you. Be subtle. Don’t annoy readers by mentioning your blog on every page, but make sure it is obvious how they can find more of your content if they want to. If your content is good they will want to come back for more.

3) Becoming an Authority

People want to read content from people who are experts. They need to know that they can trust what they are reading on the internet. There are so many people out there who are claiming to be experts and know what they are talking about, it is very difficult for readers to know who to trust. You need to be recognized as an authority on your subject and this can take a very long time simply by creating posts on your blog, no matter how good they are.

There is nothing like being a published author to build credibility in your field. The fastest route to credibility is having a New York Times Best Seller, but that just isn’t realistic. Most people just aren’t going to achieve that accolade. Fortunately, there are easier ways to expert status than writing a national best seller.

Self-publishing is one of the quickest ways to establish yourself as an expert. People want proof that you know what you are talking about and that they can trust the information that you are giving them. Having a great EBook, or ideally a whole series of EBooks, is going to go a very long way in helping you get noticed.

4) Driving Traffic

Most bloggers want more traffic. It is rare that any blogger will say that they have enough. Traffic itself can be low or high quality. Traffic itself gets you absolutely nothing if people don’t come back, buy your products or click on your money making links. So you should be seeking better traffic, not just more volume.

One way to get higher quality traffic is by publishing an EBook. You will be exposing yourself to new audiences who are interested in your topic. Provided you make it easy for them to find your online content you will find that this increases traffic to your blog. They will already know they are interested in your content and are likely to find what they want. This high quality visitor is more likely to stay longer on your blog and visit more pages.


We all wish we knew what the Google algorithm was, but in reality all we can do is make educated guesses of what gets you high search rankings. One thing that seems very clear is that Google wants high quality content. One way that they can measure the quality of your blog is how long people stay, how many pages they read and whether they keep coming back. Any way to have a strategy to improve the quality of your traffic is worth it, and publishing an EBook is a very good way to do this.

5) Building an Email List

You may have heard the phrase “The money is in the list.” When autoresponders became readily available, marketers soon realized that an excellent technique for selling anything online was to be able to build an email list.

What better way to sell things to people than by them giving you permission to send them emails on a regular basis? You have a captive audience of people who have given you permission to talk to them. Permission marketing was the new thing and it has stuck around for a good reason. It works. The internet evolves very quickly, but the basic principle is true. If you have a blog, you really need to build a list. Having the email addresses of your fans can be useful in many different ways.

The simplest way to take advantage of an EBook is to offer it free on your blog in return for your reader signing up to your email list. You give them great content and they give you permission to contact them. They see that you gave them great content and they start following your blog. It’s simple, but it works if you always provide high quality content.