Ebook Services

Ebook Editing Services

I provide editing, proofreading, and copywriting services for Ebook writers.  I have several years of self-publishing experience, so I know not only how to write, but also how to navigate the Ebook writing and publishing system so that you can get the maximum number of page turns for your book.  While I mainly concentrate on Amazon, I also have experience in the LeanPub and Kobo marketplaces.  I can help you slim down, bulk up, or improve your Ebook so that you get more sales.

Ebook Social Marketing

Social marketing is clearly a huge contributor to how well your book sells.  I can assist you with Amazon, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter campaigns.  Some domains don’t do as well as others, and some are simply out of my range of knowledge, so please contact me to figure out the details.

Ebook Strategy

This is my favorite type of work.  Did you pick a good title?  Are you selling in the right place?  Is your cover good?  Is the display of your cover good?  Is your Ebook too long?  Too short?

I’ll help you with your Ebook strategy.  You might just love to write, but it won’t mean much if you’re not making sales.  The number one way that Ebook writers fall down is a poor marketing plan.  An excellent book won’t sell if no one knows it exists.  I help people create strategies before writing a single word of their book.  This ensures that they have an actual planned path to sales instead of ping-ponging around to different things that might work.

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