Some Ways to Promote Your EBook That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of, Part Two

Have a Contest

This can be a simple contest which creates attention for the launch of your book. You can offer a free copy of your book – this works best for second and subsequent books where you already have a readership. If you do not think this will be a good incentive, then offer something that is relevant to the readers that you want to gain. If you are promoting an EBook which you are launching on Kindle, consider an Amazon gift card as a prize. If you want Nook readers, then offer a Barnes and Noble gift card. Think about what would motivate your ideal reader to enter your contest.

Be Interesting on Social Media

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Photo from Sean MacEntee

If you are starting to have a following or just starting out, think of ways to engage your followers on social media. Many writers think that it is enough simply to tell readers their book is available. This really isn’t going to make you stand out at all. Sure it may get you some loyal readers, but it won’t go beyond that. Try and think of something that will really capture their interest.

Think about your EBook launch like one of those expensive movie trailers that you have to watch whilst you are waiting for the main feature. They tease content so that people get excited and want to go and see the movie. Think about how you can tell potential readers just a little of the story. Teasing content is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book, but it is little used in the EBook promotion world. Think of the buzz it created when J.K Rowling told the world that a major character would be killed off in the Harry Potter series. We know she wasn’t exactly short of sales by this point, but the stir it created got people talking. The technique works.

Another technique that you can use with fans is to get them involved with the writing of the story. Or at least think that they are involved. If you already have an established set of characters for your fiction series, you will find that your audience will have strong opinions about them. Ask them questions about what you think a character would do, what you think their favorite food is, what you think they should name their dog. Anything which is going to make your readers feel more involved with the characters. This kind of technique works incredibly well with a fiction book series as readers become very invested with the characters.