Top 7 Ways You Can Make Sure Your EBook Doesn’t Suck, Part Two

I’m continuing the previous article on how to improve your ebook writing.  Better writing means more sales!  Part one can be found here.

5) Edit Your Work

Proofreading and editing often get overlooked in the EBook world. With some books it sticks out a mile and your readers will notice in an instant. Even famous published works have mistakes in and they have undergone a vigorous editing process. A couple of mistakes are forgivable. A book full of them really is not. If you think that all you need to do is use the spell checker, you really are mistaken.

The ideal is to pay a professional editor, but we realize that this may be an expense that you want to avoid. Good editing is money well spent and really does make a difference. However, if you really can’t justify the cost of a professional editor you should make sure you don’t forget this vital step.

It is usually easier to self-edit your work if you leave it for at least a couple of days after you have finished your book. The brain tends to pay tricks on you and you will see what you want to see. This means you may miss vital things if you are too close to your content. Take a fresh look at it when things are not quite so familiar to you.

Get a friend to look at it next, but choose someone who you know will be honest with you. There is no use asking someone who won’t want to give you negative feedback.

If you already have an established readership send free copies out to select people who you know are already fans of your work. Ask that they give feedback about your work. You may be surprised as to how much your readers are prepared to help.

We still think that you really need to get an independent editor to look at your work. You can often find someone good, at a reasonable price, on sites like fiverr.

6) Pay Attention to The Cover

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Let’s not gloss over this. Everyone judges a book by its cover. Having a great cover for your EBook can mean the difference between being a bestseller and sinking without trace.

We know that you may not have much money to invest in your first EBook, but you really should invest as much as you can in the design of the cover. Unless you are particularly skilled at graphics it usually is not a good idea to create your own. You do not have to go for the full service custom design. There are many services out there using stock phots and designs which are modifiable to your requirements. These cost less than a custom design, but are still a much better option than a homemade cover.

7) Make the Title Great

The picture on the cover is very important. So is the title. These two elements are the first impression that anyone gets of your EBook. You need to make an impact. The clichés are true. You do not get long to capture a reader and persuade them that your EBook is worth taking a second look at. A boring title will just cause potential readers to move on. Your book could be amazing, but you will lose readers if your title is bad or boring. Don’t fall into that trap.